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No doubt, Relocators is one of the best truck rental services providers with numbers of popular and advanced trucks including 110 and 210 pick-ups. Moreover, we are offering these services for multiple locations within the U.A.E. we have large numbers of trucks equipped with advanced technologies such as pickups, minivans, and cargo trucks.

The best thing is, the modern technology of these trucks helps to minimize the cost of fuel to offer the budget-friendly moves for all the customers including residential and commercial. So, the customers can move, load, and unload things easily at the new place with the help of our truck rental services.

Relocators has made the relocation as easy as one can think within no time and minimum budget. So, you can get smooth and stress-free moves with the help of our professional services and team members.

Apart from this, we are also offering the car carrier service in the case of personal moves through your cars and vans. Our trucks have maximum storage space to place the things in a well- manner. Moreover, it helps to save the important and sensitive goods from damage and break down.

However, it’s better to load the fragile items separately from other inventory and goods. So, we are offering complete assistance for our customers through proper suggestions to make the move stress-free for them.

Types of Truck Rental Services We Are Providing:

We are offering the following truck rental services for all residential and commercial moves:

  • Commercial truck rental services
  • Light duty truck rental services
  • Semi-truck rental services
  • One way moving truck

Commercial Truck Rental Services:

Relocators have all types of commercial trucks you require for the commercial moves including heavy-duty trucks. Moreover, all the trucks have a great facility of technicians as well as professional drivers to move your things safely.

So, we are offering the well-trained and well-maintained truck rental services for all the business and commercial moves. We are offering all the moving services with great commitment and sustainability.

Light-Duty Truck Rental Services:

We are offering light-duty truck rental services with great maintenance and safety for all the business customers. So, you don’t need to spend extra for your business moves when you have the facility of break-down free and cost-effective services at Relocators.

Moreover, we deliver all these services accordingly to customers' needs and budgets. Furthermore, we assure the customers to deliver their goods with the help of our truck rental services on time. Our light-duty trucks have proper AC, mirrors for better visions, and automatic broadcasting for the safe and secure moves.

Semi-truck Rental Services:

Always try to choose the right type of semi-truck for your business and corporation. All the semi-trucks come with advanced technology and equipment including auto and manual drive, AC, power steering, and air suspension.

Van Semi-Trailers:

At Relocators we do the proper maintenance of our trucks and semi-trailers for better services and integrity. So, the customers can get more durable truck rental services without any hidden technical issues and faults in the trucks.

However, we include these charges within the truck rental cost. This maintenance of semi-trucks includes brake and tire maintenance. Our all the semi-trailers come along with roll-up doors, air suspensions, and roof of aluminum.

One-way Moving Truck Services:

Our one-way moving trucks come with AC, air suspensions, and automatic broadcasting. Moreover, these trucks are of 12, 16, and 20 feet. So, the customers can hire these trucks based on their storage space needs and requirements in the trucks.

Why Should You Choose Relocators For The Truck Rental Services?

Relocators are one of the leading truck rental services providers that offer trucks accordingly to customers’ needs and storage requirements. we are offering all the types of trucks including vans, cargo, and fleet trucks for all the residential and commercial moves.

Furthermore, our trucks are built based on customer’s comfort and fuel efficiency. While providing truck rental services to the customers, the safety of the customers is our main priority. Therefore, we have comfortable seats and storage space in all the cargo vans and trucks along with seat belts.

Relocators offers truck rental services for all commercial and residential customers with great space and modern technologies. So, you can choose our rental services to get the job done in the right way.

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